Butterbeer Cupcakes!  Well, to be honest, after hearing Beans’ comments about her cupcakes I was less than enthused to make them.   But I dove in, stole her butter flavouring so I wouldn’t have to buy my own and away I went.  First, I’m going to give you a little view into my baking process…

Yes, it’s a mess.

Yep.  That’s my kitchen.  “How can you cook in that mess?!?!”  you ask.  Well, what you see there is half of my kitchen counter’s space.  My kitchen is tiny and my husband tells me “We don’t need a bigger kitchen.”  HA!  I need about twice as much counter space!  And why do I have a random assortment of ingredients out that don’t go in the cupcakes?  Well, I have tiny cupboards as well so when I want something out of the baking shelf, generally half of the other items need to come out as well, or I risk an avalanche of random baking items falling into my bowl. Some day… some day, I shall have a dream kitchen.

So, the cupcakes began.  The smell of the butter flavouring nearly made me gag when I opened the bottle, but I didn’t skip it  and just ploughed through.  Everything turned out well and soon I had cooked cupcakes sitting on my counter.  Something Beans alerted me to is homemade buttermilk!  I didn’t want to buy buttermilk, because honestly I don’t use the stuff.  BUT, apparently a little vinegar in the milk and you have buttermilk!  I used a half a teaspoon of vinegar in half a cup of milk.


While they were baking I made the ganache and the icing and hunted down my decorating tools.  Thanks to Pinterest I used my new icing skills and made some gorgeous looking cupcakes.  While at the store I bought 2 kg of icing sugar.  Yes, I know that’s a lot. Why did I buy that much? Because the whole time I was thinking, There are 2.2 kilograms in a pound, so I’ll need two packages to get 16 oz of icing sugar.   Then, as soon as I got home I thought to myself… “YOU DUMMY! There’s 2.2kg in a pound!”  So now I have a tonne of icing sugar to store somewhere in my tiny kitchen.  Sigh.

Also, as a side note, I used about ¾ of a cup of whipping cream to my package of butterscotch chips since we don’t have Heavy Cream at our Safeway. As well, I used a little less butter flavouring in the icing than the recipe called for… probably about ¾ of a teaspoon.

I brought them into the office for a baby shower and everyone raved over them.  I still hadn’t tried one at this point, and I wanted to make sure everyone had one so I waited until I got home.  DELICIOUS!  Oh man, these cupcakes are so good!  You would think they would be too sweet, but they aren’t.  If I was to imagine what Butterbeer tasted like, these would definitely be pretty close.  I highly recommend you try these cupcakes!


Harry Potter cupcakes – what’s not to like? Not only did the recipe introduce me to butter flavouring (seriously? I thought using butter in a recipe was enough for butter flavour). And I’ve never filled the inside of a cupcake before so this entire bit was interesting.

Is that pink cream soda??

Using cream soda as part of the batter (yes, look, its pink!) I was pretty excited to try out this entire concoction.

But I didn’t.

That’s right.

I added too much butter flavouring to the already buttered up butterscotch icing, and for some strange reason the odor of maple seeped into my nostrils.

Maple. Sweet, sweet maple.

The only thing I like maple with is my pancakes and those tiny maple leaf cookies you can buy at Safeway. But for my cupcake icing?! Nooo!

The finished product.

I passed those cupcakes off to anyone that would take them – my one test subject, my brother, downed two (his sweet tooth is worse than mine), but my other test subject, my dad, took one whiff of the sugary icing and slowly backed away from the cupcake container. My brother’s girlfriend ate half of one, and my fiancé… okay, he downed four.

Do I regret not having a Harry Potter cupcake?


Am I going to make this again?


Ba. Cupcakes.



You can find the recipe here at amybites